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Hiking & Trails

Hiking & Trails

Explore Hamilton Conservation areas in all seasons; with over 140 kilometres of trails, you'll always find something new! Your next adventure starts here!


Christie Lake

Christie Lake Conservation Area

Explore pine plantations, circle the lake or head to the west side of Middletown Road to hike the Wildlife Area. Christie Lake never disappoints when it comes to nature!

Main Trails
Hill and Dale: 1.1 km one way
Lafarge 2000 Trail: 22 km one way
Round the Lake: 5.6 km loop
The By-Pass: 0.64 km one way
Wedeln Run: 0.48 km one way
White-tailed Deer: 2.6 km loop

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Confederation Beach Park

Confederation Beach Park

Walk along Lake Ontario as you stroll down the Hamilton Beach Trail. This is a paved trail which connects to the Waterfront Trail, running an additional 4.2 km west to Burlington. You'll also be able to access the Red Hill Valley Trail from the park.

Main Trail
Hamilton Beach Trail: 4.3 km one way

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Dundas Valley

Dundas Valley Conservation Area

Highlights of the 1,200-hectare conservation area include lush Carolinian forests, colourful meadows, cold-water streams, stunning geological formations and an array of rare plants, birds and wildlife.

Main Trails
Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail: 32 km one way
Headwaters Trail: 10.5 km loop
Heritage Trail: 1.8 km one way
Main Loop: 3.4 km loop
McCormack Trail: 7.5 km one way
Monarch Trail: 5.1 km one way
Spring Creek Trail: 3.3 km one way

Bruce Trail
A section of the Bruce Trail travels through the Dundas Valley and is Canada's oldest and longest marked footpath. It spans more that 885 km of main trail and 400 km of associated side trails. Visit their website for more information.

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Eramosa Karst

Eramosa Karst Conservation Area

Filled with underground caves and streams, meadows and forests, the Eramosa Karst is one of the watershed's unique natural gems. The Eramosa Karst also grants access to the East Mountain Trail Loop.

Main Trails
Bobolink Trail: 1.9 km one way
Karst Features Trail: 2.8 km trail loop
Meadows Trail: 2.1 km one way

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Fifty Point

Fifty Point Conservation Area

  • 3.4 kilometres of trail
  • 1 main trail
  • Fifty Point Trail Map coming soon

Fifty Point's trail extension took place in 2016 and early 2017, creating a full loop around the area. A new bridge has been installed, with it's opening set for late April 2017. More information.

Main Trail
Fifty Point Trail: 3.4 km loop


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Fletcher Creek

Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve

The Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve is a unique natural area with an abandoned quarry at the site which was rehabilitated, resulting in the creation of a rare type of wetland. The area also includes boardwalks and stunning views.

Main Trail
Quarry Trail: 4.3 km loop in a figure eight

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Valens Lake

Valens Lake Conservation Area

Hiking at Valens Lake is beautiful any time of year. Hike through the trees, with views of the lake, cross the 300 metre boardwalk, fishing bridge and also climb the observation tower, offering a stunning view of the surrounding forests and lake

Main Trails
Boardwalk Trail: 3.2 km loop
Lakewood Trail: 2.4 km one way
Open Field Trail: 1.5 km one way
Rabbit Run Trail: 0.5 km one way

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Westfield Heritage Village

Westfield Heritage Village

There's more than just heritage buildings at Westfield! Walk the trail system which passes by a couple of ruins sites and though the forest. This unique location offers a step back in time and through the woods.

Main Trails
Chinquapin Oak Trail: 1.9 km one way
Giant Swallowtail Trail: 1.8 km one way
Green Trail: 0.5 km one way

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Additional Trails

Bruce Trail

Bruce Trail

A section of the Bruce Trail travels through the Dundas Valley and is Canada's oldest and longest marked footpath. It spans more that 885 km of main trail and 400 km of associated side trails.

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Dofasco 2000 Trail

Dofasco 2000 Trail

Linking the Devil's Punchbowl, 87-Acres Park, the Bruce Trail and Battlefield House and Museum, the Dofasco 2000 Trail is a multi-use trail on Hamilton's East Mountain. The trail also features a 1.7 km boardwalk section that travels through the Vinemount Swamp.

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Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail

Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail

Canada's first fully developed entirely off road interurban trail, the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail uses the abandoned route of the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway. The trail intersects and runs through the Dundas Valley in several areas.

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Lafarge 2000 Trail

Lafarge 2000 Trail

Offering users a varied look at the unique, natural features along its path, including the Beverly Swamp, Dundas Valley and Christie Lake, the Lafarge 2000 trail is an important part of the trail network that surrounds the Hamilton area.

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Spencer Adventure Trail

Spencer Adventure Trail

Follow the Spencer Adventure Trail, along Spencer Creek through one of Upper Canada’s earliest industrial communities. From Christie Lake to the Dundas Peak, explore historic mills and dams, waterfalls, incredible vista view points along the Niagara Escarpment and discover the unique history, geology and ecology of the area.

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