HCA Climate Change Strategy

Climate change impacts are being felt around the globe, and locally here in the Hamilton Region. As more and more greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere, we will continue to see worsening impacts. Changes have been observed in the form of low water levels during the summer months, more frequent extreme rainfall events, rising average temperatures, and flooding.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority is doing its part to help our community and natural environment adapt and increase overall resiliency to climate change. In part, the HCA is also working towards achieving net-zero operations in the future through mitigation actions.

Climate Action Over the Years

HCA’s first Climate Change Strategy was released in 2012, and is where our climate change action began. This strategy influenced HCA to conduct a feasibility study and sustainability audit at our Main Administrative Office. Following the audit, HCA formed a Sustainability Committee, and has continued to improve our environmental impact through sustainability initiatives. HCA has also held a member seat on the Bay Area Climate Change Council since its formation in 2018.

In February of 2023, HCA’s Board of Director’s approved the updated Corporate Climate Change Strategy, which is intended to guide HCA’s climate action going forward.

Climate Change Strategy

Becoming net-zero is the ultimate goal of the Hamilton Conservation Authority. Our Corporate Climate Change Strategy is the next important step in that journey.

HCA’s role is critical as the local watershed management agency for the protection of life and property from flooding and erosion, as well as natural heritage conservation for our local communities.

Our strategy identifies climate change monitoring, mitigation and adaptation actions within four key areas of focus:

  • Operations
  • Environment and natural heritage
  • Experience, education, and awareness
  • Partnerships

Check out our new short-video highlighting our Corporate Climate Change Strategy below.


Please see the following link for a summary of the strategy: Climate Change Strategy Condensed Version

To view the entire Climate Change Strategy, please see our Climate Change Strategy Full Version

City of Hamilton

In March of 2019, the City of Hamilton declared a Climate Change Emergency, and set a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Since then, City staff have identified nine overarching goals and areas of focus for climate change mitigation and adaptation.[1]

In 2022, the City of Hamilton released a new Climate Action Strategy, consisting of two separate documents:

Check out the City of Hamilton’s website for additional information.

Conservation Ontario

Conservation Ontario’s website contains information on what Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities are facing with respect to climate change. Resources and presentations are available online for download.

[1] City of Hamilton. (2022). Hamilton’s Climate Action Strategy. Retrieved from https://www.hamilton.ca/home-neighbourhood/environmental-stewardship/environmental-plans-strategies/hamiltons-climate