Social Media Policy

Public Social Media Policy

Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) Social Media Participation Terms of Use:

Hamilton Conservation Authority encourages you to engage in open discussion with our social media websites. We look forward to reading your comments. Members from the Hamilton Conservation Authority marketing department will moderate all comments posted on HCA owned Social Media accounts, blogs, and our website. We reserve the right to remove comments that we deem inappropriate. We also reserve the right to block or remove access to repeat offenders of these guidelines.

Terms & Conditions
Opinions and views expressed by individuals as comments, postings or responses on Hamilton Conservation Authority’s sites are not necessarily those of Hamilton Conservation Authority, its officers, employees, staff or members of its board.

Comments of the following nature (and others deemed inappropriate) will be removed:

  • Trolling, spamming, or postings that are of a promotional nature
  • Material copied from other sources (exceptions include the use of brief quotes where the source is acknowledged)
  • Personal attacks, harassment, aggressive behaviour and name calling
  • Comments that are threatening, obscene, profane and that contain hate speech, degrade others or are deemed abusive
  • Libelous statements, such as allegations of criminal activity or comments that unfairly harm the reputation of a person or organization
  • Use of an offensive username or of foul language of any kind
  • Illegal activities
  • Personal information

Please refrain from including personal information such as your address or phone number in your comment or post as this information will be public. For further information about any personal information you submit or that is collected by Hamilton Conservation Authority, please review our Privacy Policy.

Disclaimer: Online postings and comments are for public consumption and are thereby other participants on social media channels may use your posted content beyond the control of Hamilton Conservation Authority.

Social Media Participation terms of use are subject to change without notice.