Dofasco 2000 Trail

185 Ridge Road, Stoney Creek, ON or 444 First Road East, Stoney Creek ON

Phone: 289-860-0363


Activities at Dofasco 2000 Trail

Open 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise posted.

About Dofasco 2000 Trail

Fees: Parking is $8.00 per day; free with HCA Membership Pass.

The Dofasco 2000 Trail is an 11.5-kilometre multi-use trail on Hamilton’s East Mountain. Beginning at Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area, which offers a stunning city view from its lookout, the trail runs east and will bring users to the farthest edge of the Stoney Creek Watershed. The trail will pass an apple and cherry orchard and provide a link to the Bruce Trail, which connects Dofasco 2000 Trail to the Battlefield House Museum & Park (City of Hamilton) below the escarpment. The Dofasco 2000 Trail passes through the beautiful rural countryside of Stoney Creek, with a 1.7-kilometre boardwalk section through the Vinemount Swamp, an environmentally significant swamp forest. Also along the trail you will observe the Sinclair Sugar Bush, and Vinemount Meadows Sanctuary home to a wide variety of wildlife and a habitat for several species of migratory birds. The trail will eventually continue on road to link with the Ontario Waterfront Trail and Fifty Point Conservation Area on Lake Ontario.

The Dofasco 2000 Trail was built in partnership with the Hamilton Conservation Foundation, Dofasco Inc., the Millennium Bureau of Canada and the City of Hamilton.

Access Points

There are two main access points and parking lots for the Dofasco 2000 Trail. These include:

  • Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area: 185 Ridge Road, Stoney Creek, ON
  • Saltfleet Conservation Area: 444 First Road East, Stoney Creek, ON

Devil’s Punchbowl
The Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area is one of the most amazing sights of the Niagara Escarpment. It was created at the end of the last ice age by huge streams that plunged over the Stoney Creek Escarpment and carved out the Punchbowl. From the lookout at the top of the Punchbowl, you get an spectacular view of Stoney Creek and Hamilton Harbour, not to mention the view down into the seemingly bottomless Punchbowl. Learn more.

Vinemount Swamp
This swamp forest is the biggest natural forest area south of the Escarpment in the Hamilton area. It is home to several endangered and important species, including the Northern Harrier, the Sedge Wren and Edward’s Hairstreak Butterfly. Visitors can experience the beauty of its natural features from the boardwalk through the swamp, giving them a unique view of the centre of a wetland.

Saltfleet Conservation Area
The woods here provide a home to 50 species of breeding birds, nine of which are uncommon in the Hamilton area, including a breeding ground for the Sedge Wren, a highly significant species of wren. Approximately 55 hectares, the woods are made up of marshy fields and woodlots. Learn more.

While enjoying the trail, keep some trail etiquette in mind:

  • No open fires or camping are permitted on the trail.
  • There are no washrooms provided along the trails.
  • The Dofasco 2000 Trail closes nightly at dusk.
  • Park in the designated trailhead parking.
  • Dogs must be kept on leash and clean up after your pets.
  • Watch for vehicular traffic on areas of the trail that cross major roadways.
  • Respect the rights of our neighbours, stay on the trail at all times.
  • Use of the trail is at the user’s risk, and trail conditions may change over time.
  • No motorized vehicles are permitted on the trail. The Dofasco 2000 Trail is a hiking and biking trail.
  • If you want to pass someone on the trail, announce your intention, and pass on the left.
  • Keep to the right when on the trail.
  • Use boardwalk and bridges to cross streams and wetlands.
  • Please don’t ride or walk through the water.

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