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HCA Main Administrative Office – Woodend
838 Mineral Springs Road
Ancaster, Ontario L9G 4X1

Accessible parking access is located at 810 Mineral Springs Road.

Phone: 905-525-2181
Fax: 905-648-4622

Directions to HCA Main Office

Main Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Closed weekends and holidays.

Emergencies involving injuries or rescue, call 911! If you have an emergency and need to contact HCA officials after normal working hours, on weekends and holidays, please call 905-523-8787.

Conservation Areas Directory

Conservation Areas Senior Management
Gord Costie, Director, Conservation Areas Services, 905-525-2181 ext. 168
Bruce Harschnitz, Manager, Conservation Area Services, 905-525-2181ext. 125


Christie Lake/Spencer Gorge
1000 Highway 5 West, Dundas

Phone: 905-628-3066 or 905-628-3060

Superintendent: Cari Hobbs Ext. 202
Assist. Superintendent: Alex Bouwmeester Ext. 201

Confederation Beach Park
585 Van Wagners Beach Road, Hamilton (office)

Phone: 905-547-6141

Superintendent: Liam Fletcher, ext. 5002
Assist. Superintendent: Jonathan Roberts, ext. 5003

Dundas Valley
650 Governors Road, Dundas

Phone: 905-525-2181 Trail Centre 905-627-1233

Superintendent: Carissa Bishop, ext. 153
Assist. Superintendent: Travis Haws, ext. 115

Fifty Point
1479 Baseline Road, Winona

Phone: 905-525-2187

Manager: Rob Howe, 905-643-7400
Assist. Manager, Administration: Nancy Arnold
Assist. Manager, Operations: Lindsey Darling

Valens Lake
1691 Regional Road 97, Cambridge (Flamborough)

Phone: 905-525-2183

Superintendent: Paul Karbusicky, ext. 21
Assist. Superintendent: Evan McKnight, ext. 22

Westfield Heritage Village
1049 Kirkwall Road, Rockton

Phone: 519-621-8851

Manager: Rondalyn Brown
Assist. Manager: Christina Jager

Wild Waterworks
680 Van Wagners Beach Road, Hamilton

Phone: 905-547-6141 or 1-800-555-8775

Manager: Sara Kinnear , ext. 5304
Assist. Manager: Stacey McConnell, ext. 5302

Administration Office Staff Directory

Lisa Burnside, Chief Administrative Officer, ext. 126

Scott Peck, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer/Director, Watershed Planning and Engineering, ext. 130

Neil McDougall, Secretary Treasurer, ext. 120

Gord Costie, Director, Conservation Areas Services, ext. 168

Matthew Hall, Director, Capital Projects & Strategic Services, ext. 188

Nancy Watts, Director, Human Resources & Wellness, ext. 170

Lisa Burnside, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), ext. 126

Joel Konik, Grants Officer, ext. 143

Randall Kovacs, Administrative Receptionist, ext. 100

Kristine Leach, Financial Analyst, ext. 122

Neil McDougall, Secretary Treasurer, ext. 120

Patricia, Revenues Clerk, ext. 123

Andrew Pargauskas, Budget & Business Systems Systems Manager, ext. 121

Jaime Tellier, Executive Assistant/Records Management Coordinator, ext. 112

Accounts Payable, ext. 124

Revenues Clerk, ext. 128

Nancy Watts, Director, Human Resources & Wellness, ext. 170

Sharon Hunter, Payroll Administrator, ext. 176

James O'Neill, Environmental Education Coordinator, 905-627-1233

Sandy Root, Environmental Education Specialist, 905-627-1233

Grace Correia, Executive Director, ext. 111

Toby Tresidder, Administrative Coordinator, ext. 129

Gord Costie, Director, Conservation Areas Services, ext. 168

Bruce Harschnitz, Manager, Conservation Area Services, ext. 125

Refer to Conservation Areas Directory above for full conservation area contacts.

Sarah Gauden, Manager, Marketing & Events, ext. 151

Dawn Cripps, Communications Coordinator, ext. 142

Lindsay Davidson, Marketing Coordinator, ext. 144

Tricia Leong, Graphic Artist, ext. 145

Kendra Marjerrison, Social Media & Graphics Assistant, ext. 141

Scott Peck, Deputy CAO/Director, Watershed Planning and Engineering, ext. 130

Mike Stone, Manager, Planning, Stewardship & Ecological Services, ext. 133

Doug Mallory, IT Manager, ext. 154

Jonathan Bastien, Water Resources Engineering, ext. 138

Cherish Gamble, Watershed Stewardship Technician, ext. 181

Nora Jamieson, Watershed Planner, ext. 132

Lesley McDonell, Terrestrial Ecologist, ext 231

Alex Nizharadze, Water Management Specialist, ext. 232

Colin Oaks, Aquatic Ecologist, ext. 229

Val Pazzi, Administrative Assistant, ext. 135

Chris Polap, Monitoring Technician, ext. 230

Elizabeth Reimer, Conservation Planner, ext. 165

Laura Stinson, Conservation Planner, ext. 164

Jeff Stock, Watershed Stewardship Technician, ext. 196

Richard Woodworth, GIS Specialist, ext. 161

Matthew Hall, Director, Capital Projects, ext. 188

Adam Hindle, Projects Designer, ext. 192

Katherine Smith, Design Projects Coordinator, ext. 117

Sandra Winninger, Administrative Assistant, ext. 114

Millgrove Works Yard

Phone: 905-690-1365

Lucas Bouwers, Electrician/Plumber, ext. 5

Rob Gray, Construction Manager, ext. 3

Tom Grobelny, Construction Foreman

Ashley Hawkins, Administrative Assistant, Millgrove Works Yard,  ext. 2

Bob Saccomano, Fleet Coordinator, 905-690-1365,  3