Saltfleet Conservation Area

444 First Road East, Stoney Creek, ON, L8J 2X9

Phone: 289-860-0363


Activities at Saltfleet Conservation Area

Open 7 days a week, from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise posted.

About Saltfleet Conservation Area

Fees: Parking is $8.00 per day; free with HCA Membership Pass.

Saltfleet Conservation Area is HCA’s newest area to explore and is located south of the Niagara Escarpment in the Upper Stoney Creek and Upper Battlefield Creek watersheds. Saltfleet boasts nearly 316 acres of unique natural features.

At this time, the area offers a single trail, the Heritage Green Community Trust Trail, at the end of the parking lot which connects to the Dofasco 2000 Trail and Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area. A Master Plan is currently being prepared and reviewed to identify areas for further trail development and nature appreciation.

The woods here are made up of marshy fields and woodlots and provide a home to 50 species of breeding birds. Nine of these birds are uncommon in the Hamilton area, including a breeding ground for the Sedge Wren, a highly significant species of wren.

Area FAQ

HCA is completing a master plan for this conservation area throughout 2022. The master plan will determine trail routes throughout the rest of the conservation area. Until then, we welcome visitors to use a designated trail that allows views of one wetland area and connects to Dofasco Rail Trail. Please respect fencing and signage for your safety and to protect the local ecosystem.

Fishing is not allowed in the Saltfleet Wetlands. This is a protected area.

No water sports of any kind are permitted in the conservation area. The wetlands are strictly for wildlife habitat and water management. Please do not attempt any water activities and stay on the designated path at all times. You may see HCA staff on or in the water at times- they are performing routine maintenance and ecological work.

Yes, we encourage visitors to walk their furry friends at this location! Pets must be leashed at all times and charges will be laid on owners who have dogs at large or allowing pets to leave the paths. Owners must keep dogs on the designated paths at all times- do not let them stray onto the berms and stand/swim in the water.

No. The Saltfleet wetlands are not only habitat- they are also water retention facilities. As such, the ice can be dangerous and we ask that visitors stay off the ice at all times.

Yes, parking is located at 444 First Road East, Stoney Creek. Day permits are $8.00 and are purchased on site from a machine inside the lot. Your permit may be used on date of purchase at Devils Punchbowl, Eramosa Karst, Felker’s Falls and Chippewa Rail Trail Parking Lot.

Yes, visitors have access to a portable toilet located at the parking lot.

Yes, there are a small number of picnic tables in a shady area adjacent to the parking lot for visitors to picnic at. Portable BBQs & fires are not permitted.

No. Motorized vehicles are not permitted inside conservation land. If you see an ATV or dirt bike while visiting, stay clear. Get a description and report activity immediately to park staff 905-523-8787 or Hamilton Police 905- 546-4925.

Saltfleet Conservation Area Wetland Conservation Program

Saltfleet Conservation Area is part of a larger long‐term plan to reduce downstream flood risk and erosion to residential and commercial properties below the escarpment in Stoney Creek. Four new wetlands will be created at Saltfleet, and once completed, they will have the ability to hold the equivalent of 236 Olympic‐size swimming pools! Construction of the first wetland area was completed in 2022 and design work is underway for the second and third wetland. Click here to learn more.

The acquisition of lands in the area is made possible through donations from the City of Hamilton and Heritage Green Community Trust.

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