New Conservation Land on East Mountain Purchased by HCA for Wetland Creation

More nature enjoyment and wetland creation on the east mountain is in store following the acquisition by Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) of an additional 50 acres in the escarpment brow area.

“This is exciting and important news both for the wetland restoration project and for conservation area visitors,” says Lloyd Ferguson, HCA chair. “It creates new space for the creation and restoration of wetlands and provides additional space for people to enjoy nature on the east mountain.”

The land acquisition creates a link from the dramatic waterfall viewing area at Devil’s Punchbowl Conservation Area to the new Saltfleet Conservation Area and its wetland restoration program.

“This is something the HCA staff and Board have been working towards over the past few years and as Chairman of the HCA it’s wonderful to see it come to fruition,” Ferguson said. “I commend all for their leadership. The Devil’s Punchbowl Area is increasingly popular and this new land will give visitors more options to enjoy the area adjacent to the brow and our new Saltfleet Conservation Area.”

Over 300 acres have now been purchased on the east mountain escarpment for the Saltfleet wetland restoration project. Two of four proposed wetlands that will help prevent flooding and erosion in lower Stoney Creek are now in development, with the third to follow with the completion of this land acquisition and the fourth expected to be developed as additional land is acquired.

The Saltfleet wetland restoration project is a key initiative for HCA’s watershed stakeholders and visitors now and for the future to provide a healthy watershed for everyone, connect people to nature and help mitigate the effects of climate change.  As a result of the additional funds from operating surpluses over the past several years, including the last two years of the pandemic, HCA can now work to secure the final lands required to create the fourth wetland.