HWSP Events

HWSP Events

The Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program hosts many events! Have a look below at some of our past and upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time


Past Events

Sharing Experiences Workshop
Sharing Experiences is a biennial one-day capacity-building workshop for individuals and community groups interested in creating positive environmental change. The goal of the workshop is to link like-minded people and groups to facilitate the sharing of ideas and experiences so that participants can build skills, network and share ideas about environmental projects in their respective communities. The workshop includes presentations, panel discussions and small breakout sessions delivered and facilitated by knowledgeable and experienced members of the environmental community.  More information about Sharing Experiences.

Eco-cise! Invasive Species Removal Volunteering

The Hamilton Conservation Authority needs your help getting our natural areas back in shape with Eco-cise!

Looking to fit in a little extra exercise into your routine and help the environment while you’re at it? We have the feel-good solution for you! Volunteer opportunities across the watershed aim to reduce the impact that non-native invasive plants are having on our watershed’s natural areas, which are crowding out our native species and reducing biodiversity. We need some helping hands to get our forests, meadows and streamsides back in high form and healthfully functioning to provide us with the ecological benefits we all know and love.

Garlic mustard!  Japanese Knotweed!  Common Buckthorn!

Only a few examples of the invasive plants that we’ll be digging, pulling, cutting and extractigating…yes, you read that right: extractigating! The great outdoors will be your gym with fresh air, tranquil green space and lots of plants to help you work up a sweat.

As an added incentive, those who volunteer some of their time at one of our events will have a chance to win a free day pass to one of our Conservation Areas!

Keep an eye on this page and on the HCA social media feeds as more events are posted.

For more information, please contact Jeff Stock, Watershed Stewardship Technician at 905-525-2181 ext. 196, or jstock@conservationhamilton.ca

Swift Adaptation: Birds of Urban Hamilton

Heads up! Join Hamilton Conservation Authority staff for our third annual urban birding tour as we walk the Hamilton downtown core. During the tour we will identify and observe rare and threatened birds that call Hamilton home and in the urban environment. The walk will be at a moderately steady pace with several stops along the way, joined by experts from the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), and the Hamilton Naturalists Club.

Healthy Neighborsheds
Want to upgrade your yard, but don’t know where to start? Our staff experts will lead you through all the steps of creating a gardening plan which is low cost, environmentally friendly and enhances the beauty of your garden and curb appeal.

 Identifying and Tackling Invasive Species on Your Property 
Royal Botanical Gardens Nature Interpretive Centre
Learn from experts in invasive plant species management how to identify and tackle pesky plants on your property. Staff from the Hamilton and Halton Conservation Authority will focus on the identification and ecology the top invasive plants found in southern Ontario. You will leave with knowledge and resources on how to effectively manage the invasive plants on your property and when and where to find assistance.

Conservation Halton in partnership with Hamilton Conservation Authority, Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark and with support from Royal Botanical Gardens are hosting this workshop to help you manage invasive species on your property.  Bring a notebook, pen and dress for a walk outdoors.

Homeowner Workshop Series
Want to upgrade your yard, but don’t know where to start? HCA & CH staff experts will lead you through all the steps to creating a gardening plan which is low cost, environmentally friendly and enhances the beauty of your garden and curb appeal.

The Big Picture Collaborative
Bringing together leaders from diverse sectors to establish clear common goals, and to work closely with mutually reinforcing activities to re-establish healthy ecosystems and communities in the Carolinian Zone of Ontario.

Maintaining a Healthy Horse Farm Workshop
Learn to manage horse manure, improve pasture quality and protect natural features on your property such as ponds, wetlands and streams. Find out about funding programs and Conservation Halton’s services. Plus meet local horse farmers who have implemented projects with Conservation Halton.

The Biology of Soil Health
An interactive, hands-on workshop for farmers to better understand the abundant life in soil taking place on October 25, 2017.

Spencer Creek Salmon Stroll
Interested in viewing this year’s Chinook Salmon spawning in our watershed? Join us each year for a leisurely stroll with local experts to enjoy this amazing phenomenon!

Stewards enjoy a tour of Dundurn Castle, 2013

 Watershed Stewards Appreciation Day
Watershed Stewards Appreciation Day is now an event held annually to thank landowners for their participation, celebrate successes, further the sharing of stories and encourage an understanding of being part of a bigger watershed stewardship picture.

The Appreciation Days have been held at a variety of popular local sites such as Westfield Heritage Village, Dundurn Castle, Halton Region Museum, Royal Botanical Gardens, Crawford Lake and the Hamilton Harbour Queen. Attendees receive day passes for their families to explore the location. The event includes a catered lunch and time for landowners to share stories. Experts and conservation enthusiasts are invited to present regarding conservation initiatives and local projects. This event is one of the ways we say thank you to our Watershed Stewards for working to conserve and enhance the natural environment.[/accordion] [/accordions]