Fifty Point Wetland

What is happening?
Beginning January 29, 2024, the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) will be constructing a wetland on the west side of the pond at Fifty Point. Visitors can expect to see some heavy equipment on-site during the initial stages, and there may be traffic delays at the Y-intersection on the main road to the beach and marina area. The section of trail through the area will be closed during the construction. This work is expected to be completed in Spring 2024. Click here for a PDF file of this information.
Proposed Watercourse Diversion and Wetland Overview

Why is HCA carrying out this work?
The project is expected to help reduce flooding on nearby residential properties associated with Watercourse 11. It will promote the establishment of a self-sustaining fishery in the pond, providing visitors with additional fishing opportunities. The wetland features will provide additional natural area and habitat diversity within the conservation area. A new accessible fishing dock will also be installed, allowing all user groups to enjoy enhanced fishing opportunities. The existing trail will be maintained in the new wetland, giving visitors additional nature appreciation opportunities as they travel through the wetland.