Beverly Swamp

The Beverly Swamp is 2324 hectares in size, of which HCA owns 920.57 hectares.  The rest is in both private and public ownership. It spans three watersheds — Fairchild, Spencer and Bronte creeks — and offers one of the best and largest lowland swamp forest representations in south-central Ontario.  Parts of it can be accessed by hiking the Lafarge 2000 Trail in the northwest end of the watershed.

This wetland is the source area for Spencer, Grindstone and Fairchild creeks and features a rich diversity of plant and animal life, including some that are rare to the Hamilton region.  The area functions as a natural sponge, maintaining hydrological balance over a large area and draining into both Lake Erie and Ontario.

Hunting is permitted at the Beverly Swamp as long as Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry rules and guidelines are followed. See below for map of permitted hunting areas.

For more information on the Beverly Swamp, please contact Valens Lake at 905-525-2183.