HCA Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect gift? You’ve come to the right place!

HCA Gift Cards are the gift that keeps on giving to your family and friends. Not only will you be giving a gift, but will also be supporting the important work undertaken by HCA.

What are the benefits on an HCA Gift Card?

HCA Gift Cards can be loaded with any denomination from $5 to $500 dollars, can be reloaded, and never expire. HCA Gift Cards will be emailed directly to the recipient.

What can HCA Gift Cards be used for?

Almost anything! HCA Gift Cards can be redeemed online, and can be used towards:

  • HCA Membership Passes
  • Camping
  • Event Reservations
  • Spencer Gorge Reservations

In person, HCA Gift Cards can be redeemed at the following areas when the gatehouse is staffed:

  • Christie Lake
  • Dundas Valley
  • Fifty Point
  • Valens Lake
  • Westfield Heritage Village