Hamilton Watersheds

Hamilton Watersheds

A watershed is an area of land that catches rain and snowmelt that flows or seeps into a marsh, stream, river, lake or groundwater. Homes, farms, cottages, forests, small towns, big cities and more are all within watersheds. Most watersheds cross municipal, provincial and even international borders.  Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes and can vary from millions of acres, like the land that drains into the Great Lakes, to a few acres that drain into a pond.

Hamilton Conservation Authority has seven major watersheds within its boundaries. They are the Spencer Creek, Borer’s Creek, Chedoke Creek, Red Hill Creek, and Stoney/Battlefield Creek as well as Stoney Creek numbered watercourses and Urban Hamilton. These watersheds are made up of smaller subwatersheds whose creeks and tributaries connect to the major watershed creek (Spencer Creek, Red Hill Creek etc.) which eventually flow into Lake Ontario.

Please take a few minutes to read factsheets about some of the watersheds in Hamilton Conservation Authority’s jurisdiction that have Stewardship Action Plans developed for them.

Borer’s Creek Watershed

Chedoke Creek Watershed

Red Hill Creek Watershed

Spencer Creek Watershed

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