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Ticks & Lyme Disease

Ticks & Lyme Disease It's that time of year again. The return of warmer weather also brings with it the return of ticks. Keep reading for more information on Ticks. What You Need to Know About Ticks The most common type of tick found in Hamilton is the American Dog tick. American Dog ticks cannot…
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Flood and Erosion Control Study for Watercourse 11, Fifty Point Conservation Area

Conservation Ontario Class Environmental Assessment Notice of Filing Document for Review The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) has completed a study to investigate possible flood control alternatives for Watercourse No. 11, Fifty Point Conservation Area. The focus has been to assess possible alternatives to alleviate flooding occurring at the Fifty Point Conservation Area and adjacent private…
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HCA Unveils New Logo and Strategic Plan

HCA unveils new logo and strategic plan The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is pleased to announce the launch of its new strategic plan and corporate logo.  HCA revealed the document with its new logo at its December Board of Directors meeting where the new plan and logo were presented and approved. The new Strategic plan…
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Ancaster Well access card renewals

Ancaster Well Cards will be expiring in the next few months.  To ensure continued access, card holders will need to come into the HCA office and sign a new waiver and have your card re-swiped.  Your card will be renewed for another one-year period from the date of renewal at no cost Frequently asked questions…
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