Enbridge Gas Kirkwall-Hamilton Pipeline Project

Enbridge Gas Inc has proposed a natural gas pipeline and as part of that proposal, easements have been requested by Enbridge from the Hamilton Conservation Authority to facilitate the proposed pipeline.  The Board of Directors of the Hamilton Conservation Authority passed a motion in February 2020 outlining that the HCA opposes the easement request pending the results of an ecological study, independent peer review of the same study and the pending Ontario Energy Board’s decision regarding the proposed natural gas pipeline, specifically a decision approving the project.  The requested environmental impact study (EIS), peer review and consultant response to the peer review have been completed.

On October 22, 2020, the HCA was notified by Enbridge Gas Inc. that their application to the Ontario Energy Board for leave to construct the Kirkwall-Hamilton pipeline project has been withdrawn.

While the Enbridge application has been withdrawn and the easements are no longer required, the Hamilton Conservation Authority, with Enbridge Gas Inc.’s agreement, are making the EIS – Final Report, Peer Review – Final Report and the consultant’s Response to the Peer Review available to the public for their information.

Please note that as the application for the project has been withdrawn, no further work on this project is being undertaken by the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

If you have any questions regarding the EIS – Final Report, Peer Review – Final Report and the consultant’s Response to the Peer Review, please contact Scott Peck at 905-525-2181, ext. 130 or at scott.peck@conservationhamilton.ca.


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