Benefits of a Rain Barrel

Do you have a rain barrel? They are a simple addition to a home, and provides many benefits for the environment and your wallet!

What is a rain barrel?

Simply put, they are big barrels that collect rain water, by directing your gutters or down spout to it. At the bottom of the barrel is a spigot, that you can attach a garden hose to, or fill your watering can from. You can also have multiple barrels that connect to one another, increasing the amount of water you are able to collect and store.

Why use a rain barrel?

There are many great reasons to start using a rain barrel if you aren’t already.

  • Saves money
    • Why pay to water your gardens when it falls from the sky for free! Every little bit helps when it comes to saving money.
  • Better for your plants
    • Rain water is much better for your gardens and plants than tap water, since it contains many nutrients, like nitrogen, that your plants need. Ever notice how much healthier your gardens look after rain, compared to when you water them with a hose connected to tap water?
  • Reduces runoff 
    • Rain water washes fertilizer, pesticides, pet waste and and other contaminants on the ground into our creeks, streams, and sewers. This runoff contaminates our waterways and degrades water quality.
  • Conserves water
    • Instead of running the tap to water your garden, you’re simply using the water nature has already provided. It’s also a great source of water for odd jobs like washing your car or patio furniture.

Where can I get a rain barrel?

The City of Hamilton usually has a sale each spring. You can also check your local garden centre, or do a search online for where rain barrel sales are happening where you live.

You may think just one rain barrel won’t make a difference, but every little bit goes a long way in protecting our environment. The more people in the community that use them, the better. You’ll also be surprised by the results at your own home. Just remember, rain barrel water is not potable and should not be consumed.


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