Sustainable Back to School Tips

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to talk about back to school! The last couple of years have been a rollercoaster ride for parents and students alike, and whether you and your kids are nervous, excited or both, about the return to school, we have some tips to help everyone be a little more sustainable this year!

School Supplies

Getting new school supplies is always an exciting time but before heading to the store, take an inventory of what you already have at home. Do you need a new pack of coloured pencils, or are the ones you got last year still barely used? Chances are, back packs and lunch bags didn’t get much use last year either and is one place to save some money and be more sustainable. If you are buying new, invest in products that will last more than one year and try to avoid products that contain PVC, aka vinyl, as it contains chemical additives. Older siblings may also have some great items to pass down!

New Clothes

Getting some new clothes is also a big part of getting ready for a new school year. Just because they are new to your kids, doesn’t mean they have to be brand new. The used and thrift markets have become a staple and you can often find a lot of great items second hand. Marketplace and other social media groups are a great place to buy, and even sell some of your kids old stuff. Wallet and eco win!

Packing Lunches

Try making lunches as low waste as possible. Reusable water bottles are an obvious staple, but also try buying things in bulk and breaking down into smaller portion yourself. Not only does this save on waste, but is almost always cheaper. It’s also a great way of getting the kids involved by having them help package things up for the week.

Masks and Sanitizer

Reduce the amount of waste your producing by investing in reusable masks instead of disposable. Instead of throwing out after every use, you can wash and reuse again. Just be sure to check them for wear and tear after a few months and replace as needed.

Sanitizer comes in so many different sizes and those cute little travel size ones are perfect for back packs. Instead of buying a lot of little ones, get a refill bottle to top up the small one when they get low. Kids do tend to lose them too (along with a lot of other things!), so consider getting one that clips onto their backpack for easy access and less chance of it getting lost!


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