Leave the Leaves!

Wondering what to do with all those leaves that have fallen off the trees, or looking for a great reason to skip raking? Aside from saving time and energy, there are many other benefits to just leaving the leaves!

What are the benefits?

Leaves insulate and protect plants in the winter and provide food and shelter for wildlife. Larvae from our pollinator friends, like butterflies and moths overwinter in the fallen leaves. Toads and salamanders, among others, find safe cover under the leaves too. Additionally, worms eat the leaf litter, and convert it to rich fertilizer for your lawn and gardens.

Mulch it!

You don’t want to leave a thick layer of leaves on your grass, as this can shade it out and trap moisture underneath the leaf cover. Mulching the leaves by driving over with your lawn mower will help to break them down faster. Once you do this, add some of that mulch to your gardens, which will add nutrients for all your plants too! Any extra leaves can be added to your compost.

Always clear the leaves…

From sewers and drainage pathways to support drainage and prevent flooding!


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