Christmas Tree Creek Restoration

In early January, HCA’s Stewardship and Invasive Species staff teamed up to collect five truckloads of Christmas trees for a future channel restoration project in the HCA watershed. This has been an ongoing project that HCA does annually, but why do we do it and where do they go? Learn more here!

When and where will they be installed?

The retired Christmas trees will be utilized in sections of Ancaster Creek this summer. Stream work is only permitted between July 15 to September 15, otherwise we could disturb fish spawning. In the meantime, HCA is currently storing the Christmas trees until the summer when they can be installed.

What is the restoration for? What are the benefits?

The trees will act as sediment mats, building new stream banks over time, narrowing stream channels and adding depth. This will improve flow, and lower water temperature. Fish that are more sensitive to higher stream temperatures will benefit from the cooling effect of a narrowed, deeper stream.

How do you know if it is successful?

Staff  will return next year to  monitor and track the success of the sediment mats. This type of restoration is amazing because you typically get fast results!

Do you need more tress for 2024?

No, we have all we need!

So if you see HCA staff out on a hot summer day placing Christmas trees in a creek, now you’ll know why!



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