Vinemount Wetland

This swamp forest is the biggest natural forest area south of the Escarpment in the Hamilton area.  It is home to several highly significant species of birds, including the Northern Harrier and the Sedge Wren.  It also serves as a stopover for many species of migratory waterfowl and supports a heronry.  It is the only site in the Hamilton area where one will find the Edwards’ Hairstreak Butterfly, a savanna species of butterfly.  In addition, several highly significant species of plants grow within the swamp.  Because the Vinemount Swamp is a headwaters swamp, it serves an important purpose in regulating the stream flow in Forty Mile Creek and Stoney Creek.  The Vinemount Swamp is visible from the current on-road section of the Dofasco 2000 Trail and its boardwalk through the swamp.