Stormwater Stewardship in Dundas

Stormwater Stewardship in Dundas

This project is working with landowners in Dundas to develop and/or identify private and public projects that reduce the volume, and improve the quality of water flowing overland and through municipal stormwater infrastructure into Spencer Creek, Cootes Paradise, Hamilton Harbour and Lake Ontario.

This project will recognize landowners’ efforts in Dundas to reduce the effects on Spencer Creek associated with urbanization and impervious surfaces. The HWSP would like to provide landowners with the advice, assistance and links to the local resources they need to be able to take action, and celebrate landowners who have taken action.

We are interested to know of landowners volunteering to:

  • disconnect downspouts;
  • install water conservation features like rain barrels;
  • replace mowed lawn with alternative water saving landscape feature;
  • utilize alternatives to salt in winter;
  • restore impermeable surfaces to permeable surfaces;
  • establish riparian buffers;
  • consider involvement in “Grow Me Instead”;
  • have one-on-one on site consultations with Stewardship staff to learn more about Spencer Creek; and
  • share their experiences and projects with other Dundas residents.
Spencer Creek in Dundas.
Spencer Creek in Dundas.








Stormwater Stewardship Resources:

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