HHWSP Landowner Stories

HHWSP Landowner Stories

Read about stewardship projects that other landowners have completed on their property.

Brunsveld Family

In the seventeen years that that the Stewardship Program has been working with the Brunsveld Family, we have helped them undertake eight different Beneficial Management Practices (BMP) projects on the farm, in addition to numerous other BMP projects that they have already undertaken themselves. To read more click here

Crawford Family

60 years, 9000 trees, 9 children and 1 newspaper clipping later. A family affair. To read more click here.

Hidden Lake Golf & Country Club

This program helped us enormously to attain the Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary designation, the highest environmental achievement award people in our field can get. To read more click here.

Lawrence Family

With a commitment to preserve and protect the environment for the benefit of future generations, the purpose of our own personal land management project over the years was to enhance the natural landscape by reforestation, provide prime habitat for wildlife, develop a series of nature trails and start a small Christmas tree business. To read more click here.

Soomet- Kerr Land

Formerly a farmer’s field, the cleared area showed the furrows from years of plowing, and now had standing water over most of it, the drainage ditches long since abandoned. To read more click here.

Veterans Memorial Park

Naturalization is a new term for an old idea. When land is left to it’s own devices– it isn’t mowed, ploughed or cut, it changes. It grows plants. This is naturalization. To read more click here.