Solar Eclipse at HCA

The eclipse came, some saw, and now a full solar eclipse won’t return to Hamilton for 120 years! For those that were able to view it where the clouds would allow, it was an awe inspiring experience. Even if you didn’t get to see the eclipse itself, the darkness at approximately 3:18 in the afternoon was certainly memorable.

Now that the eclipse has passed, there are three options for your eclipse glasses.

  1. Save them for 120 years until the next local eclipse. Click here for a full eclipse schedule.
  2. Donate your glasses. Hamilton Public Library branches and the Bookmobile are collecting eclipse glasses to redistribute. While this is the last solar eclipse in Hamilton for a while, other areas around the world will experience them. Glasses can also be donated to Astronomers Without Borders or mailed to Eclipse Glasses USA.
  3. Recycle your glasses. The cardboard glasses frame can be recycled as normal but the protective film on the eye area must be removed. Burlington Centre is also collecting eclipse glasses for recycling.

We hope you enjoyed the eclipse! Check out these shots from across the HCA watershed!


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