Pond Decommissioning and Fish habitat improvement project

Notice of project commencement

The Project
The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is commencing the Christie Lake Conservation Area Pond Decommissioning and Fish Habitat Improvement project in the Community of Flamborough, in the City of Hamilton.
The purpose of the project is to improve access and habitat for fish spawning to create a self-sustaining fishery at Christie Lake, reduce water temperature increases associated with standing water, and improve water quality by restoring natural channel processes and increasing buffers to watercourses.

The Process
The project will consist of a number of phases, which are anticipated to be carried out over the 2013-2015 period. As part of the first phase, HCA has commissioned a study to prepare a detailed design plan for the decommissioning of the ponds. The design study will assess the potential for pond removal and returning the systems to self-sustaining natural streams. It is expected that the design plan will incorporate re-vegetation, fish habitat improvements, perched wetland features, increased riparian corridor plantings, and improved passage and habitat for targeted wildlife species. Once draft design options have been prepared, an open house will be hosted to allow members of the community to comment on options. When the selected design plan has been finalized, the identified improvements will be implemented in phases.

Christie Lake Conservation Area, 1000 Highway 5 West, Dundas, Ontario, L9H 5E2.

Project Study Area 



There is an opportunity at any time during the project for interested persons to speak to the Project Managers. If you have questions or wish to receive further information, please contact:

Lisa Jennings , B.Sc.
Aquatic Ecologist
Phone Number 905- 525-2181 Ext 229
E-mail lisa.jennings@conservationhamilton.ca