Yearly Archives: 2016

Blog: Autumn From Above

Autumn From Above Posted November 15, 2016 Fall is a wonderful time of year, with the clear crisp air and the beautifully coloured trees. From the ground, the colourful panoramas are magnificent. From the air, you get to see the broad canvas that Mother Nature has painted. Although just past the peak of the fall…
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Fighting Phragmites

The Ongoing Battle of Fighting Phrag The Hamilton Conservation Authority is facilitating habitat improvement on its own property in the area of Cootes Drive and Lower Spencer Creek by tackling one of the most aggressive invasive species in Ontario. Phragmites (‘Phrag’), or European Common Reed, is that tall wavy plant seen in wetlands and ditches…
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Blog: The Barn Swallows at Valens Lake

The Barn Swallows at Valens Lake Posted June 29, 2016 This article started as a story to highlight good deeds that can happen on public lands. My attention quickly narrowed to a thriving colony of barn swallows at Valens Lake. I thought it might be fun to see the progression of time through the birds…
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