Weekend Reservation system begins May 21 at Dundas Peak/Tew Falls & Webster Falls

Beginning May 21, Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, including Dundas Peak, Tew Falls and Webster Falls, will have an advanced weekend and public holiday reservation system for a 2-hour hike experience.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of hiking the Dundas Peak and visiting the waterfalls in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, Hamilton Conservation Authority has instituted an online reservation system.  From May to mid-September 2022, conservation area visitors and HCA membership passholders will be required to make a reservation on weekends and public holidays before their visit. For fall colours, from mid-September to November 2022, reservations will be required seven days per week.

Reservations can be made for 2-hour blocks. The reservation system will be in place at weekends and holidays, switching to seven days a week in the fall colour season. Separate advance reservations are required for each area so that visitors will choose either the Dundas Peak & Tew Falls hike experience or the Webster Falls hike experience. The reservation system will open on May 14, with the first available reservation date for the weekend of May 21.

Admission fees will be $10.50 per car and $5 per passenger, plus a $10 reservation fee.  HCA membership pass holders will receive free admission but must pay the reservation fee to book.  Bookings are rain or shine and must be made online in advance.  Plan your hike at least a day ahead, as visitors without an advance reservation will not be permitted entry. No walk-up or drive-up entry will be admitted without advance reservation.

Municipal Parking Bylaw Enforcement staff will be patrolling the neighbourhoods surrounding the areas to enforce parking restrictions, including tow-away zones.  Parking tickets in Special Enforcement Areas carry a $250 fine.

All visitors should follow guidelines and measures posted onsite, which include:

  • Follow directional arrows on loop trails.
  • Remain on marked trails.
  • Stay behind fences and barriers.
  • Pets are permitted but must be leashed at all times.
  • Pack out what you pack in, do not litter.
  • NO DRONES are permitted
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