Watershed Conditions Statement: Updated Flood Watch

Updated Flood Watch

The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is advising that the current Flood Watch issued on April 12, 2018 has now been extended

 Currently, flows and water levels remain considerably elevated in the area watercourses (particularly in the Spencer Creek and Stoney Creek watersheds), as a result of the recent storm experienced April 14 to 15.  Localized watercourse flooding of low-lying areas that typically flood during higher water levels has been observed.  However, no significant watercourse flooding has been reported or observed at this time.

 HCA is advising that further increases in water levels and flows in the area watercourses may occur, as a result of the melting of the accumulated snow and ice.  There is potential for significant watercourse flooding.  However, given the uncertainty in the rate of melt and corresponding watershed runoff response, HCA staff continue to reassess this potential regularly. 

 HCA wishes to remind residents to continue to exercise caution near all water bodies and structures such as bridges, culverts and dams at this time.  Elevated water levels, faster moving water, rapidly changing levels and flows, and slippery banks may pose a significant hazard.  Adults are advised to keep children and pets away from water bodies at this time.

 The melting snow and ice could result in significant amounts of runoff, which will be exacerbated by the wet to saturated soil conditions within the watershed, as well as the already elevated water levels in area watercourses.

In addition to flooding and watercourse safety concerns, there is potential for local drainage issues in low-lying or poorly drained areas.

A close watch on local conditions is recommended.  This Updated Flood Watch message is in effect until Tuesday, April 24, 2018, at which time it will either be updated or cancelled.  HCA continues to monitor watercourse and weather conditions closely and will issue further updates prior to April 24 as warranted.

For further information or questions regarding this message, please contact:

Jonathan Bastien, Water Resource Engineering
Phone: 905-525-2181 ext 138
Fax: 905-648-4622
Email: jbastien@conservationhamilton.ca