Watershed-Based Resource Management Strategy

The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is developing a Watershed-Based Resource Management Strategy (Watershed Strategy).  The Watershed Strategy is a requirement of Ontario Regulation 686/21 and is to be completed by December 31, 2024.

The Watershed Strategy will be used to guide our programs and services moving forward and will provide direction regarding protecting people and property by mitigating natural hazards while also conserving our watershed natural heritage systems.

It is noted that the purpose of a Conservation Authority as outlined in the Conservation Authorities Act is “to provide for the organization and delivery of programs and services that further the conservation, restoration, development and management of natural resources in watersheds in Ontario.  In this regard, the HCA delivers programs and services within our watershed jurisdiction such as the following:

  • Flood forecasting and warning
  • Operation and maintenance of flood and erosion control infrastructure
  • Plan input and review of land use planning application related to natural hazards
  • Administration and enforcement of proposals for Development, Interference with Wetlands, and Alteration to Shorelines and Watercourses, Ontario Regulation 161/06.
  • Watershed planning
  • Water, aquatic and terrestrial monitoring
  • Invasive Species management and environmental restoration
  • Land acquisition and management
  • Conservation education and awareness
  • Outdoor recreation

With the recent changes to the Conservation Authorities Act, all conservation authorities are required to complete a Water-Based Resource Management Strategy.  As per Ontario Regulation 686/21, the strategy must include the following:

  1. Guiding principles and objectives that guide the design and delivery of programs and services.
  2. A summary of existing technical studies, monitoring programs and other information on natural resources.
  3. A review of programs and services
  4. Periodic review and update of the strategy.

The Watershed Strategy will be used by the HCA and our member municipalities to guide our program and services and to ensure the natural hazard and natural heritage issues within our watershed are addressed.  The Watershed Strategy will consider natural resource and management requirements within the scope of Memorandum of Understanding between the Hamilton Conservation Authority, the City of Hamilton and the Township of Puslinch.

The HCA is in the initial phases of the development of the Watershed Strategy.  Updates on the project will be provided on this webpage as the Watershed Strategy is developed.

If you have questions regarding the Watershed Strategy, please contact Scott Peck at scott.peck@conservationhamilton.ca