Waterfall Shuttle concludes operations for 2019 season

Waterfall Shuttle concludes operations for 2019 season

Posted October 31, 2019

The Waterfall Shuttle, which operated out of Christie Lake Conservation Area transporting visitors to the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, has now concluded its operations for the 2019 season. Hamilton Conservation Authority parking lots in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area will now be opened to visitors seven days a week, between sunrise and sunset. All Hamilton Conservation Authority conservation areas are closed to visitors after sunset. Parking is also available at the Greensville Optimist Park, Crooks Hollow and Christie Lake Conservation Area.

Visitors should be aware that vehicles not parked in designated areas will be ticketed as part of an ongoing proactive parking enforcement program by the City of Hamilton. The Greensville area has been designated a Special Enforcement Area for parking, until November 15, 2019. Parking illegally in this area will result in a fine of $250. HCA will continue to work collaboratively with City of Hamilton staff on parking issues. Enforcement and ticketing will be carried out by municipal bylaw officers on residential streets posted as No Stopping or No Parking and illegal parking operations reported.

Waterfall and escarpment safety
We ask that all visitors to the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area and other escarpment areas respect the rules, stay on trails and do not climb or otherwise bypass fencing, for their own safety and the environmental health of the areas. Keep well back from the edge of gorges and escarpment areas, at least a body length. Adults should keep children and pets well away from these areas. Some natural areas may not be fenced. 

Visitors should keep to marked trails at all times, not only for their own safety, but for the safety of the many rare and sensitive plants and small animals that could be easily damaged or hurt if you leave the trails. Please stay safe while enjoying your local conservation areas.