Stewardship Award Program

The Watershed Stewardship Award is given to landowners who understand the important role they have to play in protecting the natural features on their land, have been managing their land in a way that protects the health of their watershed, and are willing to enter into a voluntary handshake agreement with the HHWSP to continue to protect and preserve the natural features and watercourses on their property for as long as they own their property.

Over 300 landowners in the watersheds of Hamilton Conservation Authority and Conservation Halton have already received awards for their stewardship efforts.  You can recognize these Watershed Stewards by the award signs they proudly display on their properties.  HHWSP celebrates the commitment of Watershed Stewards annually with Watershed Stewards Appreciation Day.

These awards represent voluntary agreements that protect over 5,000 hectares of land, of which over 3,000 hectares are in a natural state. These agreements also protect over 160 kilometers of stream representing protection of over 320 kilometers of streamside habitat. Contact us to find out how you can become an award winning Watershed Steward.

Stewardship Award Factsheet