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Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls

Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area

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Tew Fall Parking lot, Harvest Road, Dundas, ON
Location of Tew Falls parking lot

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There is no walking trail access between Tew and Webster Falls. 

Please be aware that bylaw officers will be patrolling the community areas during busy times at the area and you may be ticketed if you are parked illegally.  Please note: HCA Membership Passes are NOT valid on weekends and holidays from May until October 31 at Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area, with the exception of two walk-ins  A parking fee of $10 per vehicle and a per person fee of $5 applies to all visitors during this time period.  Children 5 and under are free.  

From the escarpment brow, noted for its panoramas, to the forested depths of the gorge below, the Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area exhibits the physical features which have made the Niagara Escarpment one of Ontario's most spectacular geological formations.

This significant natural area contains two beautiful waterfalls: Webster and Tew Falls. Webster is a magnificent tiered waterfall and Tew, which towers at 41 metres, is only a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls. Both offer spectacular vistas of the gorge.

Webster Falls

Webster Falls

A recreational trail allows access to the Dundas Peak, which provides stunning views of Dundas and Hamilton.

Other pathways passing through the park include the Bruce Trail, and a side-trail to historic Crooks Hollow Conservation Area.

Enjoy the Spencer Gorge from the Spencer Adventure Trail, which connects from Christie Lake all the way to the Dundas Peak.  Visitors are encouraged to park at one of the alternate parking lots at Crooks Hollow or Christie Lake Conservation Area and use the recreational trail to access the Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to one of the most beautiful natural areas in Ontario.  We ask that all visitors to conservation areas respect the rules, stay on trails and do not climb or otherwise bypass fencing, for their own safety and the environmental health of the areas.  Keep well back from the edge of the gorge and escarpment areas, at least a body length.  Adults should keep children and pets well away from these areas.  Please note that there is NO access available to the bottom of the content

Barbecues, fires or sound equipment are NOT permitted at this conservation area.

As Webster Falls and the Spencer Gorge become more popular, increasing pressure is being put on the parking areas and surrounding community.  Please be aware that bylaw officers will be patrolling the community areas during busy times at the area and you may be ticketed if you are parked illegally.

The grass parking lot at Webster Falls is now closed.  Visitors are encouraged to park at the Tew Falls parking lot off Harvest Road, as the parking lot at Webster Falls will fill quickly and the Tew Falls parking lot has a larger parking capacity.  'Parking Lot Full' signs will be put up on roads leading to Webster Falls as the parking area fills, however the roadways leading to the Webster Falls lot are quite narrow and there can be long delays on these roads when the lot is closed.  Tew Falls parking lot is located off Harvest Road.

Alternate parking areas can be found at Christie Lake Conservation Area, Crooks Hollow Conservation Area off Crooks Hollow Road and the Greensville Optimist Park at the intersection of Highway #8 and Brock Road in Greensville.

Please note. If you are planning to bring a bus tour to Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls, arrangements for parking/payment MUST be made in advance. There is a $250 fee plus HST. Please call Christie Lake at 905-628-3060.  You may not be able to book in peak visitation periods.

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Location of Tew Falls Parking Lot