Workplace Violence and Harassment

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1. Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act - Workplace Violence and Harassment applies to which of the following individuals:
2. Which of the following is an example of workplace violence:
3. You encounter an angry customer at work who you feel could potentially become violent. Choose the best course of action:
4. You are working at the cash register when a customer approaches you and says “Give me all the money, or else…” Choose the best course of action:
5. You are physically attacked by an angry customer. The best thing to do is to make a scene by yelling or screaming as loud as possible until help comes.
6. Under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, an employee’s responsibilities are:
7. What should you do if you are being harassed? (Select all that apply)
8. Sally asked for this coming weekend off of work. Her manager felt the park would be busy and scheduled her in anyway. This is considered workplace harassment.
9. You’ve been experiencing some form of continuous workplace harassment from a co-worker. You’ve already asked your co-worker to stop, but they haven’t. What should your next step be?
10. Spreading rumors about your co-workers through text messages is acceptable because text messages are private.
11. What are some of the forms of discipline that may be taken against an employee who is determined to be harassing another co-worker.
12. It isn’t harassment unless you intended it to be

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