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1. What does WHMIS stand for?
2. WHMIS is Canada wide and WHMIS 2015 has aligned with the worldwide hazard communication system.  True or False?
3. The purpose of WHMIS if to provide information on:
4. WHMIS provides you with information on hazardous materials in the workplace through:
5. Hazardous materials include:
6. All hazardous materials must have labels on them.
7. Dangerous materials can take three forms. One is solid. Name the other two:
8. The 2 types of labels are:
9. What information is required on a workplace label?
10. Dangerous materials can enter your body:
11. What does this WHMIS symbol mean?
WHMIS_1OR  Untitled1Untitled2
12. Does this picture show a corrosive or flammable material?

(Please select A or B)

WHMIS2     OR   Untitled3
13. Does this picture show a Toxic or Oxidizing material?   (Please select A or B)

WHMIS9  OR  Untitled5
14. Does this picture show Compressed Gas or Biohazardous material?

(Please select A or B)

15. Does this picture show a Flammable or Explosive material?   (Please select A or B)

Untitled6 OR  Untitled7
16. If a hazardous material hurts you immediately, it has a chronic effect.
17. Labels:
18. Which of the following is a good practice when working with products?
19. What should you do if you see that a label is ripped or missing on a container?

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