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Hamilton Conservation Areas Photo Contest 2019

Submit photos between June 17, 2019, to January 31, 2020

Submit your entry into one of the following categories:

  1. Wildlife - Wildlife spotted in HCA's watershed.
  2. Recreation - People enjoying HCA's conservation areas, natural areas, and trails.
  3. Nature - Flora, landscapes, and water that exist in the HCA watershed

Photos reflecting any Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) conservation area, natural area or trail in any season, involving any HCA-sanctioned activity are welcome. View a map of eligible HCA areas.

Please read and understand the 2019 Photo Contest Rules before submitting your photo to the contest.

Grand Prize: A gift certificate in the amount of $500 CAD at a local camera retailer of your choice for the top overall photo chosen from all entries.

Category prizes: First place winners in each of the three (3) categories win a gift card for HCA in the amount of $250 CAD and an HCA Nature's Reward Membership Pass. Second place will receive an HCA Nature's Reward Membership Pass.

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