Maple Syrup Festival and activities cancelled at Westfield Heritage Village

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and after reviewing the current provincial restrictions with the City of Hamilton’s Emergency Operating Center (EOC), the Hamilton Conservation Authority will not be providing any maple syrup activities this year at Westfield Heritage Village.

Hamilton Conservation Authority and Westfield Heritage Village feel that this is in the best interest of the public, staff and volunteers.

Westfield welcomes visitors to explore their trail system and the village. Buildings are not open at this time.

We thank everyone for their understanding and support and we look forward to seeing everyone at another time.

About Westfield Heritage Village

Westfield Heritage Village is a living history museum located in Rockton, Ontario, featuring more than thirty historic buildings, and a trail system through the surrounding conservation area.  The conservation area is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.

Westfield Heritage Village website
Westfield Heritage Village Facebook page

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