Making Tracks!

Learn about different animal tracks in the Hamilton Conservation area!

To begin, download and print our “Match the Tracks” activity from our Nature at Home page


Once you know some tracks, you can head outside with some chalk to play some different games:

  • Try to recreate the tracks on the sidewalk or driveway.
  • Play Tic-Tac-Toe or Connect Four but instead of X’s and O’s, use your favourite 2 tracks.
  • Or test your memory in a “Match the Tracks” game.

To play “Match the Tracks”

  1. Draw a 4×3 square grid (see example below). Draw a different track in each square but make sure there are 2 of each track in the grid so you can match a pair.
  2. Cover each track with a leaf or other material.
  3. Start by turning one leaf over to show a track. Try to find the matching track by turning over another leaf. If it matches, put the leaves in a pile beside you and take another turn. Keep going if you match another pair. If it is a different track, cover them back up. Now it’s your partner’s turn.
  4. Complete the game by matching all the tracks. The person with the most leaves at the end wins!
  5. You can play this game by yourself, too. Keep challenging yourself by making a bigger and bigger grid with more tracks!