Increased water conservation urged within the Hamilton Conservation Authority watershed

Due to worsening conditions, the Hamilton Low Water Response Team has now declared a Level 2 Low Water Condition for the entire HCA watershed. This includes Spencer Creek, Chedoke Creek, Redhill Creek, Stoney Creek and Battlefield Creek, Stoney Creek Numbered Watercourses, as well as all of their tributaries and other minor watercourses. The HCA
watershed has been in a Level 1 Low Water Condition since July 28, 2022.

The Hamilton Low Water Response Team is encouraging a 20 percent voluntary reduction in normal water use. This applies to all users of water supplied from watercourses, waterbodies, and groundwater sources within the HCA watershed.

Strategies for reducing water use can be found on the attached Level 2 Low Water Condition Factsheet. Reducing the use of these sources at this critical time will avoid more serious shortages in the watershed, and lessen the impact of reduced water availability on our environment.

Water users reliant on the municipal water system are asked to follow any active municipal water use bylaws.

A Low Water Condition is declared when precipitation amounts and/or streamflow rates fall below pre‐determined thresholds, set by the provincial government under its Low Water Response Program.

A Level 2 Low Water Condition was declared as one‐month and three‐month precipitation totals were mostly below 60% of long‐term averages, and 30‐day average streamflows were mostly below 30% of the minimum average summer month flows.

Rainfall since April has been well below normal with extended dry periods, resulting in well below normal flows in area watercourses. Three‐month precipitation totals (July 1‐September 30) indicated Level 1 or Level 2 Low Water Conditions. Also, one‐month precipitation totals (September 1 to 30) indicated Level 2 Low Water Conditions. In addition, 30‐day average streamflows at the end of September indicated Level 3 Low Water Conditions at all three
Spencer Creek stations, and Level 2 Low Water Conditions at the Ancaster Creek and Red Hill Creek stations.

The Hamilton Low Water Response Team is made up of water users in the watershed including: agricultural representatives, golf courses, nursery operators, quarry operations, and industrial users as well as provincial and municipal representatives. HCA staff act as co‐chair for this team, and are responsible for regular evaluation of watershed conditions which provides evidence to support declaring low water conditions.

It is important that we all do our part to reduce water use within the watershed. In lieu of an open house, please contact Jonathan Bastien should you wish to discuss drought conditions or strategies for reducing water use.

Level 2 Low Water Conditions Fact Sheet

Additional Resources

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