Ice Status

Hamilton Conservation Area Ice Status

Stay up to date on ice conditions across HCA. This feature will let you know when and where on ice activities is open or closed.

Visit our Winter Safety page for more information on avoiding hazards and staying safe in the winter time.

Valens Lake

Valens Lake offers ice fishing as well as skating on the lake when conditions permit.

Fifty Point

Fifty Point offers ice fishing on the marina and ice skating on the pond when conditions permit.

Christie Lake

Christie Lake is NEVER safe for on ice activities due to the lake’s quick current. The area is posted as such.

Ice Statuses
Valens Lake:
  • Closed Skating Lake: Closed
  • Closed Ice Fishing: Closed
Fifty Point:
  • Closed Skating Pond: Closed
  • Closed Ice Fishing: Closed
Christie Lake:
  • Christie Lake Ice Warning

    Christie Lake: On ice activities not permitted [More].