HCA reopens conservation areas

As of Wednesday, May 13, Hamilton Conservation Authority conservation areas will be accessible for passive recreation.

Waterfall and escarpment areas, including Dundas Peak, Spencer Gorge, Devil’s Punchbowl and Tiffany Falls are not included in this opening due to their limited size and capacity to physical distance.

More information about what is open/closed.

The areas opened on May 13 included:

  • Christie Lake
  • Dundas Valley
  • Eramosa Karst
  • Fifty Point
  • Fletcher Creek
  • Valens Lake
  • Westfield Heritage Village.

All visitors must follow emergency measures and guidelines to allow these areas to remain open safely. Such measures will be posted onsite and include:

  • Practice physical distancing by staying 2 metres (6 feet) apart from other users.
  • Follow provincial guidelines for gatherings.
  • Pets must be leashed at all times. 
  • Pack out what you pack in.
  • Use of pavilions is not permitted

Trail etiquette is always important, and responsible public use will allow us to safely operate these areas.

The areas that will remain closed include:

  • Crooks Hollow
  • Spencer Gorge
  • Dundas Peak
  • Tew Falls
  • Webster Falls
  • Tiffany Falls
  • Devil's Punchbowl
  • Borer's Falls
  • Spencer Adventure Trail