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HCA and City of Hamilton remind public to exercise extreme caution in waterfall areas

The City of Hamilton is taking proactive measures to reduce traffic and parking-related issues around the city’s waterfall areas with enhanced parking enforcement that will be continued this weekend. With 600 tickets issued to date since mid-April, illegally parked cars may also be towed.

The rationale for this measure is due to the high number of vehicles still found parking adjacent to the waterfalls and in surrounding neighbourhoods. Illegally parked cars may also impede emergency vehicles and crews trying to access waterfall areas when a rescue is required.

The public are reminded to park in designated areas only, to take advantage of the weekend/holiday shuttle provided at Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls (367 Highway 5 West at Mizener’s Antiques and Fleamarket), and to enjoy these beautiful, natural areas responsibly. Remember when you are visiting waterfalls in Hamilton to stick to paths, exercise extreme caution, and stay well back from slopes, edges and other fall or slipping hazards.

Some members of the public have also been found crossing active CN rail tracks to access waterfall areas and vistas. Crossing rail tracks is prohibited and illegal and a Hamilton CN Rail Officer is regularly patrolling these areas. Last year, there were over 200 accidents as a result of trespassing and crossing over railways in Canada – resulting in dozens of deaths.

Keep children and pets close. Respect posted signage, and do not climb or otherwise bypass fencing – both for your own safety and for the environmental health of the areas.

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