Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program

Who We Are
Since 1994 the Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program has been helping private landowners protect, enhance and restore natural areas and waterways on their properties within the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s watershed. Our passion for the health and well-being of local natural ecosystems inspires us to offer services and create programming which develops an educated, empowered group of private landowners.

What We Do
We offer free on-site consultation services to help landowners identify and learn more about the natural features of their properties. We work closely with landowners to identify opportunities to improve wildlife habitat and water quality and assist in developing ecological restoration projects.

Ecological Restoration Project Assistance
We are looking for landowners interested in learning about and implementing projects that create, enhance and restore wildlife habitat or improve water quality, like:

  • creating riparian buffers
  • fencing livestock from streams
  • improving fish habitat
  • decommissioning abandoned water wells
  • controlling erosion
  • creating meadow habitat
  • planting cover crops
  • increasing biodiversity
  • addressing stormwater runoff

Grants may be available to assist with the cost of projects like the ones listed above, or other projects that create, enhance and restore natural features. We are also looking for landowners who will share their stories about projects they have undertaken on their properties to create or enhance wildlife habitat or water quality.

Free On-Site Consultation
Our stewardship technicians will meet with you on your property to address any questions or concerns you may have about the natural features of your property. This is an opportunity to share information about your goals and objectives for your property and to learn about things like:

  • the plants and animals that share your land
  • tax incentives and grants that may be available to you
  • protection and enhancement of natural forests and habitat along streams
  • how to increase biodiversity and enhance wildlife habitat
  • water well and septic maintenance
  • controlling invasive species
  • how to enhance fish habitat and improve water quality

More Information
To book an on-site consultation, or to inquire about grants that may be available, please contact us:

Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program
c/o Hamilton Conservation Authority
P.O. Box 81067, 838 Mineral Springs Road,
Ancaster, Ontario L9G 4X1
905-525-2181 ext. 181 or 196