Draft Management Plans for Fletcher Creek and associated areas available for public comment

Draft Management plans for Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve, Upper Watershed Beverly Swamp and the Lafarge 2000 Trail are now available for public comment.

Hamilton Conservation Authority is updating the Management Plans for the Lafarge 2000 Trail, Fletcher Creek Ecological Preserve and Upper Watershed Beverly Swamp, to help guide us through the next ten years of operation.

Click the links below to view the draft copies of the plans:

Give Feedback
We’d like your input! You’re invited to review and comment on these management plans. Please send comments to hcamasterplans@conservationhamilton.ca by Friday, August 7, 2020.

For more information, contact Kathy Smith, Design Projects Coordinator, kasmith@conservationhamilton.ca, 905-525-2181 ext.117.