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Decommissioning Abandoned Water Wells in Hamilton

Decommissioning Abandoned Water Wells in Hamilton

The Hamilton-Halton Watershed Stewardship Program is delivering this program on behalf of the City of Hamilton to assist landowners with the cost of decommissioning their abandoned water wells. This project aims to protect ground water resources through the “plugging and sealing” of unused wells.

Abandoned wells provide a direct pathway to ground water, creating risk of ground water contamination.  Abandoned wells also pose safety hazards for children and animals that could fall into the well.

Under REGULATION 903 landowners are required by law to decommission any unused wells on their property.  Protect yourself, your family and neighbours!

Residents may be eligible to receive 100% financial assistance to decommission a well up to a maximum of $1,000 per well, with a limit of two wells per property.

NOTE: Funding is not available to landowners retro-actively. Please contact Sheila O’Neal, Watershed Stewardship Manager, 905-525-2181 at Extension 164 or Sheila.O’, to learn how to apply for funding before starting any work to decommission a well.