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Christie Lake Pine Plantation Harvest

The Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) is continuing with the harvest of the pine plantations at Christie Lake Conservation Area (CLCA). Approximately 6 hectares of pine plantation will be harvested between December of 2015 and February 2016. This work is being carried out in accordance with HCA's Managed Forest Plan (MFP), under the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) administered by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The harvest will follow harvest prescriptions and tree marking that occurred in July of 2014.

The harvest will result in some trail closures on the Hill and Dale and Around the Lake Trails.  The Middletown Road parking lot will be closed for temporary wood storage.

This proposed harvest is the result of several years of work by the HCA. In 2007, HCA developed a Managed Forest Plan (MFP) for a number of their forested land holdings. The MFP was developed by a professional forester, and allows HCA to participate in the Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) which is administered by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. This program provides 75% tax relief to property owners who complete a MFP and follow the management prescriptions contained in the MFP.

In 2013, HCA retained the services of a professional forester to assess all forest units within their Managed Forest Plan for their suitability to be harvested. As a result of this work, approximately 200 ha of coniferous plantation were identified for harvest, which includes the proposed 48 hectares at CLCA. Portions of this were harvested in January/February 2015.

Some portions of Christie Lake Conservation Area maybe closed during the harvest and any closed trails will be well marked. Please adhere to the signs provided and help us ensure the harvest is safe and effective.  The goal of this harvest is to transition the targeted areas at CLCA from a pine plantation to a deciduous forest. This will be completed through a harvest and tree planting program to promote the regeneration of the native forests in this area.

Questions regarding the CLCA plantation harvest and HCA's MFP can be directed to Lesley McDonell, Terrestrial Ecologist, at the Hamilton Conservation Authority at 905-525-2181 ext. 231 or by email at

Additional Information:
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