Valens Lake Ice Now Open!

Valens Lake is ready to welcome you for on ice activities, including ice fishing and skating. Have questions? We have you covered!

Ice Fishing FAQ

The ice is ready, now it’s time to fish! Click below for the answers to your top questions.

Do you have ice hut rentals and do you drill holes?
No, HCA does not offer ice hut rentals and does not drill auger holes. You must bring your own equipment, including fishing gear.
What type of fish species are available?
Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Black Crappie, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, and Brown Bullhead Catfish
Do you sell bait?
No, HCA does not sell bait in the winter.
Do I need a fishing license? Does Valens Lake sell them?
Anglers 18-64 years of age are required to obtain a fishing license. Valens Lake does not sell them.

February 19-21, 2022 is license free fishing weekend in Ontario for Canadian residents. Learn more here.

Is it catch and release?
HCA is implementing a voluntary catch and release while fishing at Valens Lake to help support a sustainable native fishery within the reservoir.

Ice Skating FAQ

There’s nothing quite like lacing up and hitting the ice at an outdoor rink in the winter! We have your questions answered as to what you can expect when you head to Valens Lake for a skate!

Do you offer skate rentals?
No, Valens Lake does not offer skate rentals and you must bring your own.
What are ice conditions like?
As Valens Lake is a natural outdoor rink, it isn’t always perfect. Please be mindful that there can be hazards like ice fishing holes and bumps on the ice. No zambonis here!
Do you clear the ice?
No, but we do provide shovels if you’d like to clear an area to skate.
Can I play hockey?
Of course! Valens Lake has hockey nets available on site but you’ll need to bring your own puck and sticks.

Safety Reminder!

Do not walk out on to frozen lakes or ponds unless it is posted safe to do so. Follow all posted instructions and NEVER go out alone. Hazards can be present on ice, such as old ice fishing holes. In the event of an emergency, call 911. Emergency equipment is available at the beach and Valens Lake workshop.

Learn more about staying safe this winter here, and see our ice status below for current conditions.

Valens Lake
Fifty Point
Christie Lake
Dundas Valley

About Valens Lake

Valens Lake is open from sunrise until sunset daily. There is a self serve pay gate when staff are not present, and HCA Members can swipe their pass to gain entry.

Learn more about Valens Lake Conservation Area here, and if you still have questions about on ice activities at Valens Lake, please contact them directly at 905-525-2183 or


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