Blog: Sustainable Christmas Ideas

Sustainable Christmas Ideas

Posted December 12, 2017

The holiday season is in full swing! Why not make your Christmas extra “green” this year by considering sustainable gifts and practices. There are so many different ways to make your Christmas more environmentally friendly. If you haven’t already, try incorporating some of these ideas this holiday season…

  1. Wrap your gifts with newspaper or a reusable gift bag you have around the house.
  2. Purchase your gifts from local sources. This cuts the costs of transportation and greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Give out recycled or regifted items! (you know, those items you may or may not have used from last Christmas!)
  4. Find gifts that are battery free. Discarded batteries are an environmental hazard – even the rechargeable ones!
  5. Use a real Christmas tree. Not only do they smell great, but they also contribute to air quality while growing, and almost 90% are recycled into mulch.
  6. Donate to an environmental group such as The Hamilton Conservation Foundation. The Foundation raises awareness, funds, and resources for the important work we do at HCA.
  7. Connect with nature and enjoy a family hike at any of our conservation areas.
  8. Reduce the amount and time your Christmas lights are on. Not only will your hydro bill thank you, but you’re also conserving natural resources.
  9. Create your own holiday cards using card stock. This is a great opportunity to let your creativity fly!
  10. Finally, buy less. It doesn’t make you the Grinch if you don’t fulfill your family’s long Christmas list, but only purchase the items they need! We all want more stuff, but learning to reduce the amount of waste in the world will help to maintain a sustainable environment for generations to come.

Interested in finding more ways to be sustainable? Learn how HCA is practicing sustainability on our website here.

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