HCA Geographic Information System services

Have you ever wanted an aerial photo of your house or property? Do you require mapping or aerial perspectives for your project?

If you do, Hamilton Conservation Authority can help with our custom mapping and GIS services. Order existing maps or have one custom made for you by our professionals. See your property like you never have before, or use us as your source for commercial mapping.

Custom maps can contain many layers of information, including an orthophotography layer (measurable air photograph), so you can see your property from above. Maps can be printed here at our offices or sent digitally, direct to your home or business.

11″ by 17″

8 1/2″ by 11″

A printed 8.5-inch by 11-inch map with orthophotography (as shown above) costs as little as $56.12, tax included. Larger sizes are generally recommended. Eleven-inch by 17-inch maps (as shown above) start at $69.29, tax included. Prices for custom maps will vary, according to size and staff time.

Vector data is also available for those using GIS or CAD systems. If you’re looking for layer data, we can help. Available data includes:

• 2010 orthophotography
• Contour lines
• Watercourses
• Ponds and lakes
• Much more

Just contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with details and an estimate over the phone.

Simply call 905-525-2181 ext 161 to consult with one of our GIS specialists, or e-mail your request to nature@conservationhamilton.ca