Water You Doing to Manage Stormwater?

Pilot project helps Dundas homeowners manage stormwater

The Hamilton-Halton Watershed Stewardship Program (HHWSP) has recently begun a pilot project to assist homeowners living in Dundas to better manage the stormwater on and around their properties.

Dundas residents who experience flooding, pooling or other poor water-drainage issues on their property can take advantage of this new program. This program was developed by the HHWSP and is supported by the RBC Bluewater Project and the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund (Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change).

Homeowners who have already incorporated some ‘green’ alternatives such as rain barrels, rain gardens or bioswales to their property can also participate. They can receive advice about maintenance or the life cycle of those installations. Hamilton Conservation Authority’s Watershed Stewardship Technician is available to visit homeowners and answer questions about flooding, wise water use and stormwater management on their properties. Even if you do not live in Dundas or have stormwater-specific concerns, a Stewardship Technician is available to provide guidance on other environmentally friendly ways to manage your urban, rural or agricultural property.

For more information, or to schedule a site visit, please see the contact information here: Contacts and Directions