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Road on east side of Christie Lake closed for pond decommissioning work

The road on the east side of Christie Lake Conservation Area leading to Pond 8 will be closed from January 2 to February 18 for pond decommissioning work.

More about pond decommissioning:
The Christie Lake reservoir, constructed in 1971, is used for flood control, flow augmentation, and recreational purposes. Within the Conservation Area, eight fishing ponds were constructed in the 1970’s.  These ponds were constructed as recreational fishing areas with the ponds stocked annually. The ponds are located on existing watercourses typically in areas with groundwater inputs. These ponds are physically separated from Christie Lake by perched culverts and drop structures. As the ponds approach the end of their use for fishing, this project assesses the potential for removal and returning the systems to self-sustaining natural streams.

The goals of the project are to improve access and habitat for fish spawning, to create a self-sustaining fishery at Christie Lake, reduce water temperature increases associated with standing water, and improve water quality by restoring natural channel processes and increasing buffers to watercourses. This will improve water quality in Spencer Creek and ultimately Hamilton Harbour.

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