Request for Tender: East Slide Tower Repair Supply & Installation – Wild Waterworks

Request for Tender:

East Slide Tower Repair Supply & Installation - Wild Waterworks

Request for Tenders for this project are invited by the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority to be delivered, sealed and clearly marked, to the Administration Office at 838 Mineral Springs Road, PO BOX 81067 Ancaster, Ontario L9G 4X1, no later than 1:00 p.m., local time, Thursday, January 25, 2018. Tenders received after the specified closing time and date, regardless of postal markings at the point of mailing, or if personally delivered late, will not be opened. Tender submission packages are available at or hardcopy at the above address, no charge.

The Hamilton Region Conservation Authority (HRCA) manages Wild Waterworks park on behalf of the City of Hamilton. One of the main attractions is the Large Action Wave Pool.  In 1983 a pool slide was constructed to enhance users experience while using the pool. Attendees may use the concrete walkway ramp and launch tower to slide down the attraction and into the Wave Pool. The original construction is now beginning to show signs of degradation. The HRCA has retained an engineer to scope the project and is providing their engineered stamped drawings, report and specifications for this tender.  The scope of this project will be for the complete repairs as specified for the East Slide Tower at Wild Waterworks.

A recommended bidder’s meeting and site tour will be conducted by HRCA staff on Monday January 15, 2018, at 10:00 am at the Wild Waterworks park located at 680 Van Wagners Beach Rd., Hamilton, ON, L8E 3L8.

For any questions regarding this project, please contact Matt Hall, Director of Capital Projects and Strategic Services at 905-525-2181 ext 188.

Robert Pasuta
HCA Chair

Lisa Burnside