Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should students wear?
    Dress for the weather, all programs run rain, snow and shine. Raincoats and boots available for elementary and secondary school students.
  2. What about lunch?
    All students, teachers and volunteers should bring an environmentally friendly, litter less lunch if possible. Snack Bar available at Dundas Valley for light snacks.
  3. Is there a sheltered eating area?
    Outdoor picnic pavilion and indoor eating facilities available. Free with booking.
  4. How many volunteers should accompany each class?
    *Primary/Junior: We recommended an adult/student ratio of 1 adult / 5 students. *School Boards recommend: 1 adult / 10 students.
    Intermediate/Senior: School Boards recommend 1 adult / 15 students
  5. How large should the group be?
    Dundas Valley Conservation Area: Two classes; Maximum group size 60* students.
    Christie Lake Conservation Area: One class; Maximum class size is 30 students.
    *A charge applies for each additional student over the class maximum.
  6. What is the teacher responsible for?
    Teachers are responsible to:
    - Get all necessary trip permissions prior to their trip
    - Complete and send in HCA Booking Request Form
    - Book their own transportation
    - Arrange for volunteers
    - Ensure all program participants are suitably dressed for an outdoor program
  7. What are the HCA Education Staff responsible for?
    HCA Education Staff are responsible for:
    - Sending out Trip Confirmation Letter prior to the trip
    - Teaching the outdoor program with the assistance of the classroom teacher.
    - Providing a safe outdoor learning experience
    - All program equipment and first aid
  8. What information does the teacher require before making a booking?
    Teachers will need to know the following before making a booking:
    - Grade
    - Number of students
    - Program Choice
    - Special needs requirements
  9. What is the billing / invoice procedure?
    Programs payable in advance or on the day of the trip.
  10. What if I need to cancel the trip?
    Cancellations must be made at least 3 weeks in advance of the scheduled trip or a $150 Cancellation Fee applies. A $25 Administration Fee applies for re-scheduling of booked dates.

Fees, Booking & Contact Information

All schools must call to pre-register in advance of their trip.

Instructed Programs

  • All programs are two hours in length.
  • Cost: $200/ class / program.
  • Maximum 30 students per class.
  • Cancellation Fee: $150 if cancelled less than 15 office days from original date

Semi-Guided Program

  • Two-hour program plus 2 hour self-guided* program.
  • Teachers are provided with age appropriate scavenger hunt, clipboards, pencils and map.
  • Cost: $8.00 per student.
  • Maximum 30 students per class
  • Fee includes one instructed program of your choice, park entry, use of facilities, and equipment.

Self-Guided Programs*

  • Teachers are responsible for their own program & equipment
  • Must call to pre-register in advance of trip.
  • Fee includes entry into park.
  • Pavilion not included.
  • Cost: $1.84 per student
  • *Cancellation Fee: $20 per group

Program Locations:

  • Dundas Valley Conservation Area, 650 Governors Road, Dundas
  • Christie Lake Outdoor Education Centre, 343 Cramer Road, Greensville

For more information or to register, please contact:

Beth Stormont, Education Program Manager
Hamilton Conservation Authority
Phone: (905) 627-1233 Fax: (905) 627-9722